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tv   Today  NBC  January 1, 2016 7:00am-10:00am EST

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daytime high temperatures only in the 30s. in fact, tuesday we may not even get above freezing. afr the extremely warm december, quite a change. >> all right, thank you. thank you for having us in for news. the "today" show is next. >> that's what's happening today in new york. good morning and happy new year. with music and fireworks lighting up the night surrounded by family and friends, the world greets a newear today, friday, january 1st, 2016. good morning, everyone, welcome to today, a brand new year on this friday morning. happy new year guys. >> happy new year. >> good to see you.
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we finished a period where we looked back at the stories in 2014 and now we gear up for what lies ahead we already know one of the stories dominating that includes the presidential race. we'll break down where things are standing and we'll tell you what you can expect moving forward this year. >> also we will revisit the top stories for the year that was with a look at how we covered them here. >> an interesting look back. let's get the story of the moment. chanel jones is in this morning. good morning and happy new year. >> officials are still trying to figure out what caused a massive fire that engulfed a high-rise hotel on new year's eve. it's blocks away from the world's tallest building where they held a new year's eve fire celebration despite smoke from the fire. the 36 story hotel and apartment building caught fire a couple of hours before the midnight fireworks show.
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were injured in the fire. >> the new year's eve party went on in germany after a threat. they received information about a concrete threat of an isis susz side attack. still thousands of people flooded the city streets at midnight to welcome in the new year. back home an alleged isis supporter is arrested and accused of planning an armed attack in upstate new york on new year's eve. he went to a walmart on tuesday to buy supplies for the operation. they bought ski knives, duct tape and ammonia. some communities are bracing for the peak of flooding that already damaged homes and businesses.
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the mississippi river has been cresting overnight. this area. there's good news and bad news here. let's start with the good news. there's not been catastrophic damage and most of the heavies in this area are holding however there's plenty of bad news as well. about 150 homes in this area have been damaged. nine levies have topped over. there's certainly considerable destruction here. death toll is at about 20 with four more people still missing. it will be another day when people are on edge up and down the mississippi here as this river crests. the big question will be will the river banks and levies hold in the days ahead. back to you. >> thank you. and then there were two. college football's national championship game is now set. alabama had no problem at all in it's cotton bowl match up against michigan state. jay coker threw a pair of touchdowns for the crimson tide in the 38-0 win and in the orange bowl it was top ranked clemson with a big victory over oklahoma.
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and went on to win 37-17. clemson and alabama will play for the national title on january 11th. let's take a look at the weather. much of the nation will be dry for new year's day. it will be mainly sunny and cool in the west. areas in southern texas and new mexico will see clouds and rain mixed at times with sleet. parts of the southeast will also see rain from florida, the florida panhandle to the carolina coast. around the great lakes expect breezy and cold conditions with lake effect snow. we should also say some areas in northern new york could see one to two feet of snow.
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4 inches of happy new year. a little chilly out there. it will be dry on this new year's day. temperatures back to the 40s this afternoon. increasing sunshine as well. it will be breezy. you definitely want the jacket as you head out on this friday. overnight tonight, down to 31 in the city. the first time below freezing so far this season. bundle up, windchills in the 20s. especially north and west of town. seven-day forecast shows a dry and chilly weekend ahead with temperatures in the 40s. 30s, colder next week. that's a look at the weather on this new year's day. now back to savannah. >> chanel, thank you so much. we're getting 2016 started by looking ahead to the year in
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terror as rll as the economy. >> as we mentioned the marathon race to the white house is getting more intense with the iowa caucuses fast approaching. chuck todd is nbc's political director and moderator of meet the press. happy new year. good to see you. >> finally. >> this is the election year. everybody is talking about it. it's still fluid. before we get to the individuals in the race, chuck, at what point in the coming year will things start to really take shape? >> actually i think it's going to take a long while. it may be until after the conventions. it may be finally in labor day it will take shape. this is the culmination of 15 years of voter anger and mistrust and it's all culminated in this career. this is why we have donald trump. >> let's get specific about that. by the way, last year at this time donald trump was not on your list of people that we would talk about.
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>> it's amazing to see how he dominated the political calendar. so the question is what is his path to nomination? >> it's to keep winning. his is simple because there's so many forces trying to stop him. if he is at all short a party will do whatever it takes preventing him from getting the nomination. he's not ever going to be a compromise candidate. he's not going to see people rally around his side to say he's better than x. the decision has been made so he has to win despite the forces stopping him. >> if we talk about ted cruz then he is also a controversial figure even within the republican party. do you see him as some kind of a compromise? >> i don't. but trump made him look that way. if there was no donald trump we would be talking about the top ted cruz movement in the party and everything it would take to stop ted cruz from getting the nomination.
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we can't kill them both. people say i can't believe we might have to accept the idea of a cruz nomination. but here's what one republican said to me. at least you know on any given day what cruz might say and you can prepare for it in advance. yes he may be too far to the right to win a general election but he'll at least be disciplined and they think -- trump you have no idea what he might say. >> early states are important. let's talk about marco rubio. perhaps he's the republican that hillary clinton's campaign fears the most. how long can he go without winning. >> it depends on how he finishes. look, he can make progress if it's 3rd in iowa. 2nd in new hampshire, and it looks like it is a movement. bill clinton did it this way. he didn't win either iowa or new hampshire. he made progress and 2nd was a victor for him but he has to win somewhere. eventually you have to start winning. i think he has made a mistake and we'll see if this month plays out differently.
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iowa to cruz. him. >> fewer questions on the democratic side. i want to go to the last 12 months of the obama presidency. what might we expect to see from president obama that he would really want to be part of his legacy. >> well, it's funny, we're going weeks. we'll have an earlier than ever state of the union and i have been promised that it will be unlike any state of the union we have ever seen. it's not going to be your typical laundry list of what he's going to try to do. it's going to be something different and something bigger, in some ways trying to set the table for what he thinks should be a bigger conversation for '16. we'll see if he can pull it off. i heard presidents before saying we're going to redo how the state of the union is done. but here's why it does matter. hillary clinton wins or loses based upon how voters feel about barrack obama on election day. if he's below 45% job approval she probably doesn't win. >> get comfortable in that chair.
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coming years, chuck. >> thank you. another big issue in the election and 2016 the threat from isis here at home and also overseas. richard engle is nbc's chief foreign correspondent. richard, good morning to you. >> happy new year. it's good to be with you. >> happy new year with you. i wish there were happier news on the foreign policy front. let's talk about this fight against isis. what a consequential year we have just been through. from the military standpoint what do you think 2016 holds? >> well, i think 2015 was a tough year and we saw the u.s. military increasingly involved. very reluctantly but steadily involved in iraq and syria. it started out with a few advisors going to iraq. and then air strikes in iraq and then air strikes in syria and ultimately special forces being deployed to both countries and i
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we're going to see more u.s. involvement. that this steady encroachment is probably going to keep going. >> what do you think about this coalition? i mean in 2015 we saw other countries pulled into this like never before. do you think the coalition has a fighting chance of really getting together and really making an impact? >> that's the one thing i am some what hopeful for. everyone now sort of accepts that isis is a universal threat. you have iran saying that. russia saying that. the united states believing that. yet there is no unified policy. i think going forward logic will somehow have to prevail and that even these rivals will have to agree, at least in principle, that they need to coordinate their efforts a little bit better to try to defeat this common enemy. i hope that logic prevails in 2016. we'll see if it does. >> but the thorniest part of that of course is what is going
7:12 am
syria and there's been this diplomatic track of talks on how to manage a political solution there. what do you think we can expect this year on that? >> i think it goes back to agreeing at least to fight isis. if everyone, iran, russia and the united states and saudi arabia and other countries can agree that is a principle that they all need to do that together, by accepting that they'll also be accepting that the question of bashar al assad does need to be dealt with. but probably needs to be dealt with later on in the year. we won't hear a lot of talk about bashar al assad. instead they'll talk about fighting isis. fighting isis together. but the assumption will be once isis starts to get weakened then you'll have to address one of the root causes of isis which is bashar al assad's continued presence and if isis is weakened and there is progress made on that front then you might see
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off ramp bashar al assad. >> so much to talk to you about. we'll be speaking to you a lot this year of course. thank you for your time. and matt, over to you. >> savannah, thanks very much. what does the new year have in store for your bottom line? from interest rates to technology, gas prices, olivia stearns is here with the financial forecast for the coming year. happy new year to you. >> happy new year. >> can we say the end of 2015 got swallowed up in politics and the economy took a backseat so before we move forward what was your economic headline for the past year? >> i would say the headlines was more jobs, cheap gas. unemployment finally came back down to 5%. more and more people started getting a raise and gas fell to $2 a gallon. that's good news. solid year for main street. >> i want to get back to gas prices in a second but the other elephant in the room is interest rates up slightly higher for the first time in a decade. why was this the time to do it?
7:14 am
>> so the fed is basically saying that we're finally ready to take the training wheels off the economy. these 0% interest rates they put in place in the depths of the crisis, it was an emergency measure and after 7 years they're saying the economy improved enough. gdp is growing at 2.5%. they think we're read do do away with ultra low rates and they're raising them a bit. >> but a lot of people say that could stall the economy. it's a middle ground. >> for sure. that's why they waited so long to do this. it's going to be incremental. the big risk is they raise them too far, too fast and overturn the apple cart. >> you brought up gas prices a second go. let's go back there because they're at incredible lows compared to the past decade or so. how long is that going to last? >> good news is experts say you can get used to $2 gas. oil is hovering around $40 barrel. 18 months ago it was $80. so it has come down really far,
7:15 am
because we're producing more and more oil here at home and demand globally slowing down and china is slowing down we can get used to cheap gas. it's a big win for american shoppers and american manufacturers and good news for the car companies. one risk though energy jobs. that's been a big driver of job growth here in the u.s. if gas prices stay low we could north dakota. >> technology is an important part of the economy. what's the technology headline going to be? >> all the buzz is about these unicorns. that's what we call start up companies valued at more than a billion dollars and i'm thinking of companies such as airbnb and uber, these have these astronomical evaluations. a all of them come out of the sharing economy. the thing is there's a lot of legal questions around their business models so nobody can really say what they're worth. so stay tuned to those companies. >> so big question mark on those. >> big question mark. >> this is more specific when it comes to technology. everybody is walk around with
7:16 am
brand names but these wearables. these pieces of technology on your wrist. to they have a big future? >> seems so. 2015 the year that they went mainstream. so fitbit that company is growing gang busters. they went public and 2015 was the year that apple finally came out with the watch. it's had mixed reviews but it's the first iteration. people expect more. look out for a lot more wearables. look out for smart glasses and smart clothes. clothes with threads that can track your workout and monitor your heart beat and your fitness. >> something to look forward to in a lot of different areas. thank you so much. happy new year again. >> matt, thanks. how are you feeling this morning? celebrations to welcome in 2016 raged well into the night across the u.s. and around the world. keir simmons has the wrap up of the hottest parties. >> the world celebrated overnight after what was, for
7:17 am
>> 3, 2, 1. [ cheers ] >> new zealand's countdown setting off fireworks around the globe like a wave of good will. japan, releasing white balloons. hong kong's fireworks designed to look like smiling faces and the skies lit up across the middle east where 2015 brought little to smile about. the threat of terrorism meant celebrations were cancelled in belgium. a shame many said. >> there's no point in run agoway from it. so yeah, i think they should have gone ahead with it. >> tourists still piled into bronchusel city center to enjoy the lights and treats. in munich, german police evacuated and shutdown two main train stations after receiving terror threats. berlin tightened security.
7:18 am
but in paris, still scarred by october's isis massacre, they put on a show of defiance. >> hello 2016. >> and in london, the river was the stage of a new year's extravaganza extravaganza. while 2016 began in rio with 2 million people filling the beach to ring in the new year with laughter and love. >> i love brazil. >> the spotlight will be on brazil in the year ahead when it hosts the summer olympics. last night, the world looked forward with hope. a truly happy new year. for today, keir simmons, nbc news london. >> and if you were one of the people who were kind of indulging if those parties last
7:19 am
>> why are you looking at me? >> coming up the people and moments that the world couldn't stop talking about in 2015. >> and who will walk away with a golden globe? will this be the year that they shine bright on blockbusters? what to watch out for in hollywood in 2016.
7:20 am
coming up, remember those viral videos and crazy stunts but when did it trend? 2015 or 2014? we'll put you to the test. >> i'll put you to the test as well. a little song, a little dance. >> all the fun we have today in
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tracking breaking news in new jersey right now where a
7:25 am
church in west orange. tracie strahan is at the scene. tracie that, fire still going? >> reporter: gus, it is. there's a lot of work to try and get the flames under control. it all started around 5:00 this morning. we're going to show you video of just the heavy flames that erupted in st. mark's episcopal church on main street in west orange. the roof has collapsed. you can see clear through this church. it's been gutted by this. according to west orange's fire department, no one was inside at the time as far as they can tell. no injuries have been reported. at this points, it's unclear what started all of this. gus, back to you. >> tracie, thank you. now for a look at holiday commute. >> the volume not bad but accidents have those. takes up a left lane in new jersey, delays with 17. this is closed northbound to union avenue.
7:26 am
state parkway at route 135, accident off to the side. deans lane to henderson road is closed as well. gus. we'll be right back with the new year's day forecast. happy new year everyone. a chilly start to the new year of 2016. we have lots of clouds. we're expecting more sunshine as the day goes on. it stays cool. temperatures only in the mid-40s later on today. a high of 43 and breezy and cool throughout the evening as well. seven-day forecast shows a pattern change as we head into
7:27 am
temperatures in the 40s, dry and chilly throughout the weekend. then a cold snap, temperatures in the 30s for your highs monday and tuesday. gus? thank you. coming up on the "today" show, how well do you remember 2015? want to put your memory to the test. that's next. and another local update in half
7:28 am
friday morning, new year's day, 2016. about a week left to enjoy that beautiful christmas tree across the street before it comes down. tamron joins the party. >> hey, tamron. >> start your engines. >> racing. >> next year we sparkle out. >> we're racing into the new year. there you have it. >> perfect. >> coming up, how to make this year the one where you finally stick to your new year's resolution, whether you want to improve your body, your budge, or your home. >> check, check, and check. >> plus we'll have fun when andy
7:29 am
>> but first let's take a look back at the new stories from 2015 that we will not be forgetting any time soon. breaking news, masked men opened fire at the offices of a controversial newspaper in paris. two armed men entered the building and began opening fire. >> there have been a hostage taking at a kosher deli. meanwhile the two brothers suspected of the attack are cornered. >> terrorists that traumatized this region for three day are dead but not before leaving 17 innocent lives ended. >> kayla mueller an aid worker who died while being held by isis. >> i really feel that we had a chance to get kayla out. >> do you feel like our government did enough? >> the mayor new offensive launched by isis.
7:30 am
striking back. are we winning now? >> i'm confident we will win. >> russian passenger plane with 224 people on board crashes in egypt. >> isis claimed it brought down the plane. >> vladimir putin is vowing to take revenge. >> an attack on a paris bound train thwarted by three americans. >> he was ready to fight to the end. so were we. >> you remember spencer leaning over you and helping you. >> i'd like to tell you thank you for saving my life. >> today marks the new day for united states and cuba. >> an american flag will be raised at the u.s. embassy in havana. >> devastating earthquake in nepal. >> this is the race against time. brick by brick the desperate dig to find survivors. >> the growing crisis overseas, migrants trying to escape their war torn homeland attempting to get to europe. >> president obama is strongly defending that controversial
7:31 am
>> it's a good deal. >> these guys have been bamboozled and the american people are going to pay for that. >> bamboozled, out maneuvers, outnegotiated. were you pleased? >> there's a lot of politics going on, matt. >> breaking news, this comes out of france where a german wings passenger plane has crashed. >> disturbing new details. the co-pilot intentionally crashed the plane into the mountains. >> the to group isis claims responsible for attacks in paris in coordinated bombings and shootings. this scene was the worst carnage at the theater. >> witnesses say they saw the shooters arrive inside and begin firing indiscriminately. >> an international manhunt is now underway. raid. fact, dead. the soul of the city is intact. they have heavy hearts but they're not going to cecum to fear.
7:32 am
another tragic mass shooting. >> nine people killed in an unthinkable crime in charleston, south carolina. >> what does it say about us that in 2015 somebody walks into a church and shoots them once by once. >> the still active scene in lafayette, louisiana where a gunman opened fire inside a crowded movie theater. >> i'm not sure why this man chose my movie to end these two beautiful lives. >> breaking news out of virginia. a television reporter and photo journalist shot and killed as they conducted an interview live on the air this morning. i have rarely seen something as it developed like this that takes me breath away. >> started off as an ordinary day when the gunman opened fire carrying out his vicious attack. >> exchanging shots with him. he's in the classroom. >> why does this keep happening? >> we have become numb to this. >> a 57-year-old man behind bars this morning after a deadly
7:33 am
>> breaking overnight, a young married couple unleashing gunfire at an office holiday party killing at least 14 people. >> what did she describe? >> the bullet was flying all over the place. >> the female shooter pledged her allegiance online to the leader of the islamic state. >> this was an act of terrorism designed to kill innocent people. >> the u.s. has already seen more masked shootings than days in the year. >> get off me. >> it has been a night of chaos, violence, lawlessness in baltimore over the death of freddie grey. >> looked like battlefields. >> this is the scene of a deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia. >> just down the road behind me you can see the tangled mess of cars, tracks, power lines. >> there are people screaming and bleeding.
7:34 am
full rainbow i celebration of the supreme court's historic ruling on same sex marriage. >> we made our union a little more perfect. >> a defined county clerk is behind bars this morning after refusing to give same sex marriage licenses to same sex couples. >> pope francis waking up after being greeted by the president t vice president and the adoring crowd. >> the first opportunity for so many americans to see this pope in person. >> and for me, won't forget. it is really difficult to remember some of the things that we have covered.
7:35 am
think wow we were actually there for those things. >> hats off to our production team that put that piece together and everybody that works so hard on this show. >> mr. happy new year everyone. lots of clouds out there as we start 2016. we're expecting more sunshine heading deeper into the day. you can see in the day planner, temperatures starting out on the 39 outside right now. back to the mid-40s later on today with more sunshine in the afternoon. today's high, seasonal, 43. a little above average. it gets cool into the weekend as well. blustery and sunshine and 30s and colder next week. >> that's your latest weather. savannah. >> al, thank you so much. coming up next, the year of the come back. >> from a music icon to a beloved sitcom and more. the albums, television shows and movies to look forward to in 2016.
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there's a lot to look forward to in the year of entertainment. >> here to preview the music shows and movies we should be watching for is the deputy editor. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> we have the golden globes around the corner. let's start with the best movie in a drama. what are you going for? >> spotlight on this one. it tells the story of a team of reporters at the boston globe investigating child abuse. it's a really tough story to tell and there aren't a lot of bells and whistles on this one. it's not like you have cgi and big car chases. it's a stripped down story and
7:41 am
all about the story and the acting. phenomenal if he nominal if he nominal. >> a lot of people are looking at leo dicaprio. >> that's right. he's struggling for survey ival. this could be his year. >> let's look at the best actress side of things. brie larson is getting a lot of buzz for room. >> she is an actress from the indy film world and room is about a woman that is held captive in a room for most of her adult life. ends up having a child by her captor. it's all about the casting and they nailed it. >> i like the golden globes because they have best drama and best comedy category. what do you think might win in the best comedy category? >> we're looking at the martian. interesting that it was nominated as a comedy.
7:42 am
it's about an astronaut that left on mars, struggling for survival. unless you're that astronaut. but the dialogue is really funny. the character matt damon plays has a great sense of humor. we think it's tipped to win. >> what are the highlights when it comes to looking at television? >> one of the big highlights is mr. robot. that was an interesting show that came out of nowhere. it's about a hacker turned activist. and you know it stars an unknown going into the first season and just captures critics attention. >> and you look at him as possibly best actor for tv as well. >> that's right. he is definitely leading the pack. john hamm is also up there. >> can i jump ahead to music. >> sure. >> the end of 2015 was all about adele and selling a billion copies of 25. what are we looking for in terms
7:43 am
>> we'll be see ago dell ing adele play out. but david bowie will be back with his 25th album. >> getting good buzz too. >> yes. the music staff loves the first single off of it. sia will be out with a new album. >> isn't kanye west possibly going to bring new music out? >> we're hoping for it. the big thing now is to drop albums as a surprise. he hasn't had one out since 2013. we have our fingers crossed. >> happy new year to you. >> coming up next, let's get personal. we're answering the questions you submitted to us on instagram. only kraft natural cheese has a touch of philadelphia cream cheese, so whatever you make,
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welcome back on this first day of the year. tamron is over in the orange room for carson this morning and i guess you have some questions. >> the questions are not from me but from our viewers. we have been collecting questions on instagram using the #orange room. let's jump in. here we go. >> be honest, have you stayed up until midnight every year on new year's. >> not even close. >> really? >> no. >> i thought you said you set your alarm clock and wake up at midnight. >> i've done that in the past so i could be there with my kids but on average 80% of the time i don't make it to midnight. >> we're in bed by 9:30. >> they have a saying that whatever you're doing when the new year rings in is what you'll be doing all year. >> sleeping. >> okay. here we go. we got another one.
7:49 am
longest you ever kept a new year's resolution. >> guys. >> not sure i ever kept one, really. >> i would say i made a resolution to be fit and run more and i kept that one since i was about 16. >> yeah. you kept that one for an annoyingly long time. >> i made one to write more personal notes and i kept that for a couple of years actually. >> i made it to get more personal notes and thank you so much. i really appreciate it. >> all right guys. we're going to hang on to the other questions and maybe still throw them in at another time. back over to you. >> thank you so much. >> just ahead, the good, the bad and the ugly. the fun times that we've had here on today in 2015 but first, it's your local news. who's the rebel now? no way. yes way! savor breakfast any time you like. eggs, sizzling sausage, hot
7:50 am
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7:51 am
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7:52 am
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7:54 am
you can't see both at the same time. your trihonda dealers remind you to put down your device and drive safely. breaking news in new jersey right now, that's where flames gutted a historic church in west orange and the roof there just collapsed at st. mark's
7:55 am
it caught fire around 5:00 this morning. firefighters from three jurisdictions called in to help extinguish the flames. they made quick work of it, the flames did. luckily, no reports of injuries. a tragic elevator malfunction on the lower east side. investigators say a 25-year-old man was on the elevator in an apartment building on broom street after midnight when the elevator began to drop. the man later died at the hospital. they're investigating to see what went wrong. for a look at the commute, here's emily west. >> a new accident in queens. grand central parkway eastbound around the kew gardens interchange. you can see the delays in both directions. in new jersey, several problem spots. first off, on route 17 northbound closed on highland cross to union avenue. on route 1, still this closure near deans corner. back to you. >> emily, thank you. let's check the new year's day forecast. today, it will be partly sunny, breezy and cool with a high of
7:56 am
tonight, mostly clear, breezy, cold, a low of 31. saturday, unseasonably cold with flurries in the north and west of the city. a high of 41. coming up on the "today" show, ringing in the new year with a special musical performance and another local update in half an hour.
7:57 am
>> it's 8:00 on today, new year's day, coming up. the highs and lows. our personal hits and misses from the past year. all the fun we had here on "today" in 2015. what we wore. for better or worse, who had us singing along and everything that made us laugh. >> feels good, hold on. >> today, new year's day,
7:58 am
>> happy 2016. >> happy new year. >> i want to wish my family a happy new year. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to our friends and family in ohio. >> a happy new year y'all from georgia. >> and good morning again everyone. if you're just joining us. just waking up, happy new year. let us be the first to wish you a happy 2016. >> i'm a little bleary eyed this morning, right? what time is it? >> after a long night of celebrating nothing helps you get back on your feet like a good meal. we'll whip up extra special specialty with gail simmons. >> let's start at the news desk
7:59 am
new year to chanel jones. >> rivers are expected to crest south of st. louis aas the new year begin with more flooding. miguel is in st. louis. good morning. >> good morning, the mississippi river behind me began cresting overnight. it's going to reach 12 feet above flood stage and while there's been no major damage here in downtown st. louis that water behind me is moving at ten times the speed of niagara falls. there is no major destruction in this area here today but across this region they're assessing much of the damage here. 150 homes in this area have been damaged or destroyed. 20 lives have been lost and they're certainly concerned about the heavies. nine heavies have topped over over the last couple of days. another 12 are in jeopardy so the national guard and coast guard will be out on the waterways monitoring river banks and making sure that the levies still hold up. they'll be concerned about
8:00 am
the surging water and of course whether the river banks here can hold. chanel back to you. >> thank you. president obama says his new year's resolution is to move forward on unfinished business which includes reducing what he calls our epidemic of gun violence. he told aids to look into potential executive action. he plans to meet on monday with attorney general loretta lynch to discuss options. a rock chester new york man is in custody accused of providing military support to isis. he planned to carry out a new year's eve attack at a restaurant and bar in the name of isis. he went this week to walmart to buy ski masks, knives to use in the attack. if convicted he faces up to 20 years in prison. >> investigators in dubai are trying to find out what caused a massive fire in the skyscraper.
8:01 am
hotel turning into a towering inferno. only 14 people suffered minor injuries. new year's fireworks filled the sky nearby. actor wayne rogers has died. best known as trapper john on mash. he starred for three seasons along side hawkeye pierce. later he became a successful money manager. wayne rogers was 82. in a programming note a new year's day tradition as the montreal canadians and boston bruins face-off in the winter classic played outdoors at gillette stadium at 1:00 p.m. eastern. let's take a look at the forecast. much of the nation will be dry for new year's day. it will be mainly sunny and cool in the west.
8:02 am
>> and now back to savannah. >> all right. coming up next, when did it trend? we'll never forget these surprising moments but can we remember when they actually went viral? >> also from hollywood stars to her royal majesty, the milestone birthdays that we'll be marking in 2016. >> and the good time wes s we shared here on coughing...sniffling... and wishing you could stay in
8:03 am
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8:05 am
i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
8:06 am
>> are you ready for our very first trending of the year? we cover so many stories on this show it can be hard sometimes to remember when they actually happen. we'll remember them but when do they happen? we'll play a little game called when did it trend. are you ready? >> yeah. >> sets of glasses. one says 2015, one says 2014. i'll give you a topic we covered. you put on the appropriate pair of glasses. the great llama escape. two llamas escaped from a retirement home in phoenix. millions of people watching as it happened. in 2014 or 2015. >> 15. >> 15. >> 14. >> february of 2015. >> all right. >> they are now living a very happy life on a farm in arizona. >> that's good. >> the discovery channel aired eaten alive.
8:07 am
to show a conservationist get eaten alive by an anaconda. >> '14. >> december 2014. >> wow. >> seemed like yesterday. >> viewers were upset that he didn't get eaten. >> it's new year's day. >> worst surf ever. an australian man jumps off his boat and decides to surf on the carcass of a floating whale. the whale was surrounded by sharks. did that happen in 2014 or 2015. >> i don't want to remember that. >> 2014. >> 15. >> that happened in november of 2014. >> wow. >> the 26-year-old man later admitted it was a bad idea after his own mother called him an idiot. >> uptown funk, remember that
8:08 am
bruno mars, 2014 or 2015. >>? that happened in november 2014. >> it spent 14 weeks at number one. >> still an outstanding song. no matter what year. >> ellen's very first 50 shades of grey spoof featuring me. did it air in 2014 or 2015. >> 2015. >> that was in february of 2015. there were several more after that until i taught her a lesson by putting her on a billboard in los angeles. the artist that went looking for a needle in a haystack. when did it trend? 2014 or 2015? >> 2014. and let's do the last one here.
8:09 am
the black lab that rides the bus all by himself in seattle. >> 15. >> early 2015. >> i'm guessing 15. >> that's the first one you have all gotten right. >> oh, wow. >> nice way to end. puppy love. >> you know what, i see your when did it trend and i raise you -- oh, this bowl isn't working. two minutes on the clock. i'm going to go to the left this year. >> all right. >> answer and pass. >> there you go al. >> all right. the question is say something you admire about the person on your left. one of the hardest people i've ever met and the kindest. >> that's nice. that's a positive way to start the year too. >> would you rather spend your new year's day working out or cleaning up times square?
8:10 am
that's not even. >> how long do you have to work out? >> i don't care. >> that is debatable. no, have you been to times square? >> okay. my turn. which star wars character would be the best new year's eve date. >> hans solo. >> what about chewbacca? >> no, we have to manscape him. >> which would be harder to give up during the holidays? alcohol or vacation time. >> alcohol. can't give up the wine. >> i'm with you on that one. >> getting to know you. >> which would be harder to give up, swearing or drinking. >> that's terrible. >> that's tricky. >> you don't swear that much. only when she drinks. >> thank you for saying that. >> i'm going to say drinking would be harder to give up, i guess. >> we have more time for this. >> lightning round.
8:11 am
>> the new year's resolution i would never make is -- >> to lose weight. >> not to drink. >> to lose weight. that would be bad. >> so what bad habit do you hope to change in the new year. >> drinking. >> wow. >> what was the best thing that happened to you in 2015? spending more time with you guys. >> sweet. >> on that note, we'll end it. >> now to some of the biggest pop cultural milestones we can expect in 2016. tamron has the first pop start of the year. >> all right. >> i'm loving this list. we're starting out with stars marking major birthdays in 2016. turning to the big 5-0, who is on the list? halle berry, and cindy crawford. bryan cranston, tom hanks and
8:12 am
70. sylvester stallone, diane keaton and cher. mary tyler moore and robert red ford mark 8 decades on this planet and turning 90, tony benefit, her majesty queen elizabeth and our very own. and finally kirk douglas will turn 100 years old this year. them. and now the big pop culture event will be 20 years since we started saying show me the money. can you believe that? with the release of jerry mcguire, and tickle me elmo was the must have toy. 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of movie favorites like ferris bueller's day off and pretty in pink and also the premiere of you get a car, you get a car,
8:13 am
i know she's happy we said this. check out what debuted 40 years ago this year. rocky on the big screen. laverne and shirley on the small screen. 1976 was also the year jane pauley joined this here show and 2016 marks 50 years since the sound of music won best oscar and star trek debuted on tv. >> and billboard named the sound track for the sound of music the second best album of all time. >> what was the first? >> adele. >> number three, thriller. >> oh, right. >> can't argue with them. >> that's your pop start. >> thank you so much. >> whether we're trending or enjoying a big concert out on the plaza we always had a good time here in studio 1-a and that was true in 2015.
8:14 am
>> the gang's all back. >> i love what the script says. we're all back. even carson. >> raise your hand in you were in sharknado 3 last night. >> carson were you glued. >> honey i'm good but i probably should -- >> if i stay i might not leave alutone. >> where do you keep your emmy? >> i keep one with me right here. it never leaves.
8:15 am
good to see you. where am i? >> let's trend guys. >> there's someone in this studio right now that does not remember anything that happened yesterday. any guesses? >> usually all of us. >>ly go to a movie alone. like i'm perfectly happy sitting in a dark theater by myself. >> not really what we were talking about. >> friday fish bowl. here's how it works. the question you pull out you must answer. >> what is your porn star name? >> what is it. >> to i check into hotels under the name d.j. warm cookie. >> we are in the white house kitchen where among other things you brew beer. >> we make beer. >> it's really good. >> are you serious? >> it's not good. >> join us. although don't eat any of this stuff.
8:16 am
>> did you just say -- >> even the germ freak, just to show you. there you go. >> i'm just saying -- >> that's a waste. >> on my own, once again. >> this is -- >> apparently i'm burning the counter. i'm sorry. >> so these are actually. >> oh, dear. wow. >> i'm having my way with it. leave me alone. let me have a moment here. >> a paps blue ribbon.
8:17 am
the earth moves under my feet, i feel the sky tumbling down you never count your money when you're sitting at the table they'll be time enough for counting when the deal is done with your love nobody can drag me down, nobody, nobody >> i was on vacation. how did you get out of this? >> i don't know. but thank the good lord down if your pocket you got something to give it goes jingle, jingle today, today, today is christmas like living every day is
8:18 am
tada. >> g fudge brownies. >> i knew it. >> and matt lauer, just take a look. >> exposed, he's naked. >> you have to see what matt lauer did. overnight he put up four billboards. >> go somewhere else. >> wow. >> oh. oh my goodness. what happened? oh, you son of a gun. i knew you were going to do that. >> queue the alarm. savannah. >> don't panic. don't panic.
8:19 am
>> what is that? oh my gosh. >> we have a lot more fun times to look ahead too. we have the olympics in rio. >> it's going to be a goodyear. >> we should sing more this year. >> i think so. sing a lot more this year. >> let's get lessons and then sing more. >> that's not going to help me
8:20 am
>> coming up, good food to bring you good luck. the recipes we should be making
8:21 am
we're following breaking news in new jersey this morning. in the light of day the roof of a historic church in west orange collapsed after a raging fire tore through the building. it took firefighters in three communities to keep it under control. they tried hard, but they couldn't save the building in the end. luckily, there are no reports of injuries delays in queens on the grand central eastbound interchange. this crash is blocking the right lane. take the l.i.e. instead. van wyck will be busy getting away from that crash. 17 northbound, highland cross is closed. garden state parkway, 135. another accident there. and accident investigation active from deans lane to henderson. checking your new year's day
8:22 am
low 31. saturday, flurries in the north and west of the city. high of 41. sunday, 43. monday, quite chilly. it's getting seasonal out there. coming up on the "today" show, this year will be packed with blockbusters.
8:23 am
8:30 now. it's friday morning. the first of january, 2016. happy new year, everybody. >> how pretty is that. >> it's beautiful. >> i should skate more often. >> you're always saying that. >> it's your new year's resolution. >> if i skate once that would be more often than last year. >> but you talk about it so much.
8:24 am
>> hope you're waking up feeling good. if not we have just the thing for you. >> we have gail simmons here to share recipes for great dishes but they also come with a helping of good luck. >> we need that. if you didn't get to do enough dancing last night, don't worry. we have a special performance thanks, al. good morning, everyone. happy new year. nice and dry as we start out 2016. mostly cloudy skies around central park. sunshine north of town, though. that will be the trend sun. it does stay chilly. 39 degrees. back to the mid-40s later today. it will be breeze where as well. definitely need the jackets as you head out the door. 40s tomorrow and sunday. chilly there. turns colder next week with temperatures in the 30s monday and tuesday. it is january 1st.
8:25 am
your new year resolution. >> so whether you want to get a better body, better handle on your home or whip your finances into shape, your dream team is here to guide the way. >> we call them the four js. lots of great ideas. let's start with you joy. what are we not eating this year? >> okay. so this coming monday, january 4th, i am launching the ultimate today show diet cleanse and i'm hoping that everybody that wants to kick start a health plan this coming here is going to jump on board. here's how it will work. for the entire month of january we are omitting fatty meat, white starch, sugary beverages and excessive salt. i'll provide menus and shopping ideas to make it seamless. i'm promising you can lose up to 10 pounds and boost your energy and feel better.
8:26 am
this weekend and then get ready to jump on board full force on monday and the best part is we're going to be getting healthy together. >> that sounds like super fun. >> super fun. >> jenna, you're going to help us cleanse excuses. >> yes. i'm going -- exercise excuses. we know i'm not an exercise expert but like a hot of moms i'm headed back to work after a maternity leave which also means headed back to workout. i'm the queen of excuses. i wake up and i have no motivation. well, music motivates there's science that says that. we'll also get fit with friends. are you ready? >> yeah. >> and with our kids to try to get into better shape all together this year. >> so no excuses in 2016, great. >> okay. jill, you have your work cut out for you sister. >> so my job this year and mine is fun as well is all about
8:27 am
it's obvious clutter so maybe the stuff you have stuff in. maybe savannah, or your closet where you have to cleanse things you haven't worn in a year or cleansing your mine. so we're going to attack four differ parts of your life every wednesday and the best part about this this year, the twist, we're doing mega steals and deals associated with whatever aspect of your life we're going after that year. >> all right. last but not least you'll help us cleanse bad spending habits. >> but your financial life and all. we're going to give you a whole financial makeover. i'll be with you every thursday. we'll tackle earning more, spending less, getting your investments into shape and protecting your whole financial life and then you'll have extra money to buy all of the steals and deals. >> live it up this weekend because monday the sheriff is coming to town. >> that's right. >> we'll see you lots this month
8:28 am
their advice in the weeks a head on and be sure to share your questions and progress. use the #start today. >> coming up next t heartwarming way one town pays tribute to
8:29 am
find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
8:30 am
>> we're back on this friday morning with more of an on going series. >> this morning we reached our last finalist in the running. pays tribute to foreign service members at every game. >> at broadway high school in the valley, football is more than a game. >> this is not to get kids ready for football on a friday night. we wanted to teach kid what is true sacrifice was.
8:31 am
the tradition of honoring a different fallen soldier at every game with the last week of the season reserved for one particular hometown hero. army specialist brian buckey anderson. an all district football player for broadway in 2003 was killed in afghanistan in 2010. >> coach wants to make sure that the boys know that buckey was one of them. he was in the same locker room that they dress in. >> the team wears special uniforms and one senior is chosen to wear buckey's old number. >> when they say play like bucky, better play like bucky, number five, tonight, play like bucky. >> we will never ever repay him for what he gave to this country. but we're sure as heck going to try tonight by how hard we play.
8:32 am
as he made us. >> thrilled and honored at the same time. he played with everything he had and gave everything he had. it inspires me to do my best and work my hardest. >> we cried because it did bring back memories but it was good. those boys were out there playing for my son. >> there was a play down there. number 21. i said that's a bucky move. >> we want our kids to be great students. we want them to be great community leaders. we want them to be great people. >> thank you so much. >> bucky would have been proud. he was looking down on you all. >> you just made my night. thank you so much. >> coach does something so wonderful to bring the community together with us. so bucky isn't forgotten. and i just want somebody to stop and say hey, thank you, coach. >> they both deserve a proper thank you. delivered by a legend who happens to be margaret's favorite player. >> i tried to get tickets for
8:33 am
if they play greenbay again. i'm going to get tickets. >> but you got to see him play a couple of times. >> oh my gosh, yeah. brett favre was the quarterback then. watched the redskins play the green bay packers and they let me get down there close to brett favre. >> anyone home? >> you got to be kidding me? >> oh my god. >> oh my god. >> i was just in the neighborhood. >> oh, wow. >> you must be margaret. >> and i know who you are. oh my god. oh my god. >> how are you doing? >> oh my god. >> you have a chance to go to super bowl l and you're going to be on the "today" show. >> we're going to new york. >> and maybe green bay to watch a game. >> at some point. >> and i'm playing. i'm joking. >> huge honor, thank you. >> i'm speechless.
8:34 am
>> she's talks about you a lot. >> all these stories have been fantastic. it's hard to choose between them. so let us tell you that all five of the finalists will be on the plaza next week to find out who is headed for the trip of a lifetime to the super bowl. >> glad we don't have to do their voting. they're all awesome. just ahead we'll cook up traditional dishes that might be good luck in 2016.
8:35 am
team starts practice today. coach called to see how i was doing. i blew out my knee last year. just as college football programs began calling me. i didn't realize i'd get hooked on the pain pills the doctor gave me. i never thought my life could change so fast. for now at least, football and college are going to have to wait. don't let addiction sideline
8:36 am
we're back with a special holiday addition of today's food and this morning creative new year dishes that can bring you good luck into the new year. new year too. gail, nice to have you here. >> happy new year. >> i have been grazing on this food for the last 20 minutes.
8:37 am
you have to apparently make a serious resolution. >> good food with good luck attached to it. black eyed pea soup with sausage. >> very traditional. good luck new year's food. especially in the south. this is a tradition in a started even before the civil war. black eyes peas expand so much with volume that they're to represent coins and wealth and fortune in the new year. >> not too complicated. >> great vegetable, cilantro. spicy or mild italian sausage and our black eyed peas. i'll prick it with a fork. this makes sure that you're not cooking it and then i'll brown it in a chevy dutch oven just like this. there's all the good flavor from the fat you'll get. take it out and slice it up. >> you like big chunks. >> i'll like big pieces. into the pan. go ahead. that's right. garlic green peppers.
8:38 am
>> jalapeno and onions. you'll saute that until it's translucent and starting to cook. you'll add all the ingredients. chicken broth. >> very well done, sir. >> the great things about using black eyed peas in a stew you don't have to preoak them the night before. >> you're using dry. >> i think dry in this recipe will make us do it harder and of course conditioned and tomatoes. >> hbiow long does that take to cook it down? >> about an hour and a half. and you want the peas to cook through. we'll go over here. this is the finished stew. i'll add back the sausage and fresh cilantro. >> savannah's turn. >> now we're making ribs. where's the good luck in that. >> pork is traditionally in a lot of cultures good luck on the new year. apparently pigs root down into
8:39 am
forward so it's supposed to be about prosperity and pushing forward into the new year. that's one of the legends. >> and we love ribs. >> we love to eat ribs. spicy ribs. i'll start with a little rib rub. smoked pap ri rika, and also the caraway seeds. you want them to grind down. >> that's great. >> it all goes in together. >> pretty, right? >> and then i'll post it for a minute and mak a beautiful rub that i'll take two tablespoons of and put into a pan that i'll cook down with preserves and dijon mustard. >> these ribs are insane. >> i cannot stop eating them. >> these are incredible. >> and i'm going to take my pork rubs that you can see right here and i'll take the rest of the rub after i put two stable
8:40 am
300 degrees about an hour and a half. >> that seems too easy. >> you're going to pour any juices that accumulated into the pan and add the flavor and the fat and base this right on to the ribs that we already rubbed down and that reinforces it. because of that apricot preserve and mustard it gives it the sweet and sour flavor and the great taste. >> after you baste them. >> these go back in the oven on each side. baste it and cook for half an hour each and get that going and you're done. >> we have the brussels and these cookies. tell us about that. >> steamed bronchusel sprouts and great salad. the thing about new years is great. in spain there's an age old tradition of eating one grape for every hour that the clock
8:41 am
if you don't eat a great per strike of the clock you might have not great fortune in your future. very important at midnight to eat 12 grapes. >> the version that eats one rib. >> i'm with you. i knew i liked you for a reason. >> and then finally for dessert gold coins. they're double ginger cookies. crowned ginger and crystallized ginger in the cookie and they represent coins. it's about the good fortune, the beautiful golden color and circle of a coin. >> i can't get past the ribs. >> we're eating ribs like it's our job. >> i'm stealing one. >> oh well. >> we have until monday apparently, right? >> then you have done a good job. >> gail, thank you very much. happy new year. >> there goes that resolution. >> coming up, one of our favorites is back with a special performance in studio 1-a but
8:42 am
>> concert series on today is proudly presented to you by citi. >> chances are you heard a few songs from our next guest during your new year's festivities. >> performing one of the many
8:43 am
sometimes you need a listen, a bit of love you can believe in. a little hug all i need is some correlation between hearts and all i'm really trying to say is oh, oh, oh that i'm just a sagatarius and spontaneous so let's head out to vegas and find somebody to marry us don't try to argue with the
8:44 am
come on let's go hard just breathe in stars and i know that you're a cancer that means you like holding hands so show me how to do this dance now don't try to argue with the moon we can't blame it on the
8:45 am
come on let down your guard and we can't blame it on the stars i read your horoscope and baby you should know just what your future holds let your hips move let me fingers find you wrap my arms around you here we go the stars come on let your heart just breathe stars, the stars, the stars, we can blame it on the stars oh come on let your heart just breathe stars, oh come on let your guard down and we can blame it on the stars
8:46 am
oh, oh, oh >> andy grammer. we'll be sing it all day. best part he'll be back with more music a bit later on. >> that's right. we're about tho wrap this up for these hours. why don't we do so with a little toast and also a brief resolution that we'll break by tomorrow. >> agreed. natalie, what's your resolution? >> to be more patient and a more present parent. >> okay. >> delete my e-mails. i've got like 70,000 sitting in the inbox. no kidding. >> oh. that's a good one. >> i'll see you in 2020. >> time to clean that up. >> i'm going to prepare less for the show. make even less of an effort. >> that would be great. >> i'm going to skate more. >> there you go. try to be less judgmental. >> that's a good one. >> cheers, everybody. >> cheers to a great 2015 and even better 2016. >> are you judging us right now? >> cheers.
8:47 am
we are following breaking news out of new jersey this morning. first light shows the damage done. the roof is gone from the building that used to be st. mark's episcopal church. firefighters from three different communities put it out. luckily, no one was hurt. a check of the new year's day forecast. today, partly sunny, breezy, cool, high of 43. tonight, mostly clear, breezy, 31. saturday, unseasonably cool with flurries north and west of the city. high of 41 there. sunday, partly cloudy, chilly,
8:48 am
monday, partly sunny, again, quite chilly, high of 36. more 30s as we look at the forecast there. ahead on the "today" show, we'll go in the kitchen with al for some of the best brunch recipes and another local update in 30 minutes.
8:49 am
this morning on today's take, happy new year. if you're recovering from last night join us as we celebrate 2015. and a preview of the year's biggest blockbusters and honey he's good. andy grammer keeps the party going with one of his hit songs. that's right now. >> from nbc news, this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall. live from studio 1-a in rocker rockerfeller plaza.
8:50 am
happy new year everybody. i'm willie along with al, natalie and tamron. >> happy new year guys. how is everybody doing? >> great. >> feeling okay? >> don't stop the party. >> i'm going to passadena doing the rose parade at 11:00. >> you're going to teleport your way there. >> we have the nbc comcast tell teleporation device. >> that elon m k thing. >> when you say that i just i just put on some elon musk. >> we look like we were at a party. you look like danny divito, the twins movie. >> which is which. >> you know that's danny. you the same ensemble, the same pants. twinsies. did you guys hang out last night tonight. >> you don't want to know.
8:51 am
it got weird fast. >> i thought you were a rave kind of guy. >> you get to a certain age and on the holidays your dad wears a certain something. >> willie's dad had a full on suit. >> christmas party is different than new year's day. >> you look amazing. >> so do you. we pale in comparison. >> you look like the side of a race car. >> speed racer. >> road kill. this is -- >> it's like you turned on your pepe lepew suit the other way around. i'll give you that but if you paint a white stripe on a cat, it doesn't look like a skunk. >> but they also don't speak
8:52 am
>> of course they do. >> you just go. >> that was my favorite cartoon character. >> how did i know that. >> clearly we still have a little champagne in our system. >> we have a lot to look forward to. >> we have a very exciting year. >> because if this talk is any indication. >> so exciting. >> big things coming your way. >> for one thing guys, rio, the summer olympic games act ugust 5th through the 25th. you've been down there. >> you're going to love it. rio is going to be ready. you're going to want to get your hands on one of those. >> one of those. >> which ones? >> i want to come back from rio married. >> so presidential election day, that's big. we had the big ramp up talking about it for a year already. november 8th. >> i'm just glad it's going to
8:53 am
>> listen the next ten months are going to be -- >> yeah. >> good times. >> now on the music front we're excited about this because adele kicks off her world tour in february and she is coming to north america as well. for her full schedule you can go to she took the world by storm with that record. broke all kinds of music records from billboards and everywhere else you can find. she's coming to your town. >> we'll come with her. just follow her around. >> is that what you're going to do. >> until the authority come. >> we should turn it into we go visit our today's take fans that happen to be in the same city where adele is performing. >> on every stop of the tour. >> like our new roker-thon. >> we'll bring a fan with us to the concert. >> we'll see if it's in the budget. >> mark your calendar for that. >> 31 songs that are turning ten
8:54 am
>> makes you feel old. >> that's what i was thinking but this is just to bring back memories. >> these are '06 jams. >> where were you '06? let's in your mind picture where you were '06. >> i didn't have kids then. >> i had kids. >> i had kids. >> i didn't. >> okay. >> al said that like i had kids. >> we now know that where we were you got it in your head. hips don't lie. shakira. that was ten years ago. remember when we were all doing that? yeah. >> irreplaceable beyonce. >> underrated. >> sexy back. >> oh, wow. >> j.t. >> that was like he went next level with that, remember?
8:55 am
>> oh, the mike is up too high. he's distorting. >> that was the thing. >> have you got another song? 2006 -- >> what? >> 2006 -- waiting for the world to change. john mayer. >> good song. >> the lover that he is. >> no, i don't know that. >> we don't know. >> john mayer. all the ladies love john mayer. >> he's done well. >> he's done very well. >> yes. >> you know how we love to grill our celebrities with two truths and a lie? now we decided to turn the tables on us. so it's our turn to fess up. we're going to play a game here two truths and a lie. who wants to start? >> so two of these are true. one of them is false. >> okay.
8:56 am
a $42,000 jackpot playing slots in atlantic city in new jersey. number two, my wedding ceremony was conducted primarily in spanish and i'm still not sure if i'm married. and number three, as a kid in the 1980s i occasionally wore michael jackson's one rhinestone glove to school. >> i'm going to say the jackpot. >> the jackpot is a lie. >> i'm saying the rhinestone glove. >> jackpot's the lie. >> i think we would have heard about that. >> i did wear the glove. >> and you definitely are married to christina. >> well. >> but there was spanish -- i remember that story. >> it was conducted for about 90 minutes in spanish. i don't know what happened that day. >> and the great thing is -- this was in queens. >> do you still have the glove? >> i don't have that glove. >> you have a glove. >> i keep a glove around just in case. >> do you know the moves, still.
8:57 am
>> no, i'd rather not. >> he did it last night but not tonight. >> number one i got a penny stuck in my ankle after racing on a bike with change in my hand. >> imbedded in your ankle. >> imbedded in my ankle. i once had blonde hair. i love painting and i created a series that i want to share one day. >> that's the lie. >> that's the lie. >> yeah. >> sorry.o >> because if you had been painting we would have seen it. >> we would have heard all about it. we would have heard all about it. >> it would be in a gallery. >> she'd be showing us pictures. >> well, okay. >> is that right? >> yes. >> that's a lie. >> all right. natalie.
8:58 am
it says something good. >> you all know i'm not creative. >> i figured you probably got -- like you could make change of a dollar with cha what stuck in your ankle. >> here we go. so mine are i used to hate phis ed as a kid so much so that i had my mom talk to the pe teacher to go easy on me or get me out of p.e. i did modeling and appeared in a few commercials as a kid and i came in second place in the national spelling beacon test. >> the national. >> phis ed is a lie. >> number three is a lie. >> spelling bee is a lie. >> you're correct. >> you had a little tell. you had a little smile. >> no. you mean i can't play poker?
8:59 am
>> at one point i studied for a religious order. >> yes you did. >> three i lived in all five borough boroughs of the city of new york. >> al hasn't lived in staten island. >> no. >> number three. >> it's amazing. >> it's got a great bridge. two great bridges. >> so you were in a religious order. >> no, in high school i was actually part of the future brothers of america. not as in "brothers" but as in monks. >> you were going to be a monk. >> yeah. i was thinking about it. i really was. >> what age? >> i was in high school so i was like -- >> xavier high school. >> and then i discovered girls and i said nah. >> worked out well for you al. >> we learned so much. >> tamron i'm still waiting to see the art collection when you
9:00 am
i had blonde hair i thought for sure you guys would think that's a >> and that's your latest weather. however tamron will come over and do your kitchen, two coats of paint. >> can i just show you where i got the penny stuck in my ankle. the penny got lodged in my
9:01 am
>> heads up or tails? >> let's flip her and see. >> that's what i heard last night. >> oh! >> happy new year everybody. >> still ahead with the new year comes all sorts of new movies to look jane didn' t like restrictions. not in life. and not when it came to watching her calories. why settle on taste? jane thought. that' s why jane loves light & fit greek nonfat yogurt. bursting with rich creamy awesomeness and 12 grams of protein. all for 80 calories. no settling here. what else does jane love? that you could win a fitbit flex from light & fit. learn more on specially marked packs. light & fit. feel free
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9:04 am
ghost busters, batman versus superman, whatever movie you're into there's a lot of movies to look forward to in 2016. >> happy new year jack. >> happy new year ladies. >> let's launch in, february 2nd t release of zoolander 2. >> that's right. it's been 15 years since we've seen them and this time around
9:05 am
happening is they're killing off the most beautiful looking pop stars and they die with this blue steel look on their face so they try to see if they can stop them. 52.2 million views in the first week. >> march, two big movies, first up, batman versus superman. >> this is probably the most anticipated film of 2016. it's the first time we see these characters in one movie. henry cavill and ben afleck. batman going after metropolis to try to stop superman. >> and my big fat greek wedding too. >> 14 years since the last time we saw them in the film and this was already a classic. this time around mia and john are having a little bit of marital problems.
9:06 am
daughter with growing pains but they find out their parents aren't legally married. what does that mean? another big fat greek wedding. >> april 15th, the jungle book is coming out. >> disney said they were going to create, remake a lot of the classic animated films into live action remakes. this is just another one. it's basically the same premise about a boy in the jungle raised by a panther a bear and a pack of wolves. if you haven't seen the trailer, it's unbelievable. >> it's incredible. >> may 6th, captain america. >> this is basically two avengers almost in one film. it pitts captain america versus iron man. they're both friends that are now enemies going to go at it because of a difference of opinion on the fate of humanity and they're changing the game with these films. >> super heros, you got to work together.
9:07 am
wden comes out. >> they're writing and directing this film. it's about edward snowden. obviously joseph gordon levitt was one of the people that said i want to get into this character. he had a secret meeting with edward snowden in russia that lasted four hours to understand his role better. that could be oscar buzz next year. >> could be. another super hero franchise, x-men. >> that's right. jennifer lawrence. all x-men are getting together to fight one evil man and this is the first mutant in history that they have to fight with oscar isaac. >> i have been waiting a long time since my oldest one was little for this one. finding d, ory. >> ellen reprises her role here. it's about the true meaning of family.
9:08 am
and we have the additional cast voices. it should be very very good. >> cannot wait. okay. july, the bfg. >> so the big headline here is that steve spielberg is going to be directing a disney movie. he chose a 1982 classic and it's about a young girl that basically teams up with a big friendly giant, that's bfg, to fight these man eating evil giants. >> july 15th, the one circled on al's calendar, ghost busters. >> they're rebooting the whole franchise and it's now with an all female cast starring melissa mccarthy, kristen wig, leslie jones and when you see this you get so excited just to see the cars t costumes all over again. dan acroid is writing. and there will be cameos in the film.
9:09 am
>> there's no title for this film yet or a plot but paul green grass left the franchise director in 2007. they spun it off with jeremy renner but now matt damon is back and not much is said about this. the only thing that matt damon said about it is it will be happening in the post snowden era. so surveillance and the thriller things that make these so classic. >> in october, the latest davinci code thriller. >> that's right. this is the third entry into the trilogy and ron howard is directing the film. inferno it's called. and in this case tom hanks reprises his role. he wakes up in florence italy. doesn't have a clue what's going on but he knows he's in a man hunt. meets with felicity jones and they're trying to solve what's happening. >> four more on the list.
9:10 am
almost got to the 16. >> pretty busy this whole year. >> i have a lot to catch up on. >> for the rest of the big movies in 2016 go to coming up al is in the kitchen with a dish only kraft natural cheese has a touch of philadelphia cream cheese, so whatever you make, is creamier than ever. to feel this special... you need to eat this special. i love it kellogg's special k... ...made with whole grains and fiber help a body thrive. i love it folic acid and vitamin d... make a body feel this good. start your day with 150
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late night, i'll show you a simple and delicious quiche for throughout the day. >> and he had the song of 2015 with honey i'm to the woman in the mid-90's showstopper... you're right. it's time to set this bird free. hot blooded, check it and see... got a fever of 103... feelin' hungry? how 'bout a donut? i'm hot blooded..i'm hot blooded! whether it's 30-years old or 30-days old, carmax will appraise it in as little as 30 minutes. and then your only concern will be how to spend the cash.
9:15 am
good morning. following some breaking news out of new jersey this new year's. a fire at st. mark's episcopal. the roof is gone. only the walls are standing. this is despite the hard bourque of dozens of firefighters from three different communities. this historic building dates back in 1827. nobody was hurt. the cause is is under investigation. checking your new year's day
9:16 am
cool, high of 43. don't, cold. lows 31. saturday, unseasonably cold with flurries north and west of the city. coming up on the "today" show,
9:17 am
good morning, taking a look at the headlines people in part of the midwest are starting off dealing with record flooding and rivers are expected to crest today, especially south of st. louis. the flooding already damaged or destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses and is blamed for more than 20 deaths. president obama says his new year's resolution is to move forward on unfinished business which includes reducing our epidemic of gun violence. the president told aids to look into potential executive actions such as expanding background checks.
9:18 am
discuss options for steps he can take. a new study shows how sugar can fuel cancer. fructose is especially dangerous. people that is consume more sugar have a higher risk of cancer. especially breast cancer. evidence is growing that a western style diet is a major risk factor for many types of the disease. >> a new study suggests that restaurant customers eat more when they're overweight. they found customers ordered significantly more items when served by people with a high body mass index. they were four times as likely to order dessert and 18% more drinks. they should check the menu online and decide what to eat before going into the restaurant. >> if you're in the market for a
9:19 am
to buy. averaging 8.6% off the sticker price. it is expected to be next tomorrow and the next day. the worst day will be march 3rd. >> college football's national championship game is now set. alabama had no problem at all against michigan state. jay coker threw a pair of touchdowns for the crimson tide in the 38-0 win and it was top ranked clemson way victory over oklahoma. clemson and alabama will play for the national title on january 11th. ringing in the new year had a special ring to it for a miami couple. they got married last night in the middle of times square. they won a contest to become the first couple of 2016 with the company's ceo officiating at the ceremony. the couple met at a party six years ago. let's take a look at the weather. mainly sunny and cool in the
9:20 am
areas will see clouds and rain. around the great lakes expect breezy and cold condition with good morning, everyone. happy new year to you. nice and chilly out there today. dry as well, though. temperatures back to the mid-40s this afternoon. increasing sunshine throughout the day. breezy. winds northwest at 15 miles per hour. have your jacket to bundle up. mostly clear. cold night ahead. 31 in the city. windchills in the 20s. nice quiet conditions saturday and sunday. turning colder next week. and that was a look at your local weather on this new year's day. hopefully you can go outside and make it great. now let's send it back to al. >> this morning on today food, a
9:21 am
it's good. it's a nice day to sit back -- the ultimate. >> it's a hang over cure. >> it's a quiche but you know what, when you got some left overs from the holidays this is a great way to get rid of them. so remember all that ham we made on christmas day. there's still some left over so we got your ham, your whole milk, onions, nutmeg, salt, pepper, pie dough, cheddar cheese and broccoli. you can make your own pie doe. >> why? >> you put your flour down and you get your pie pan and drape this over and just so there's enough over and you start to crimp. you bring it up and crimp it. keep going. what is going to happen is you're going to prebake this. so you take a sheet of parchment paper. >> it's a miracle.
9:22 am
you're going to prebake your piecrust. either use white beans or dry beans to weight it down. they sell pie weights. but, you know, you go to those kitchen stores it's like $50 for pie weights. use some beans. >> now you tell me. >> so you have your piecrust. now you precook some broccoli and chopped up your ham so you'll put that in there okay? and then you'll put your broccoli in. all right. and then some cheddar cheese. i also like to caramelize some onion. so we caramelized some of this onion in here. i got that. it's nice. it adds a nice sweetness to it. >> yeah it does. >> put that on it. >> that's lovely. >> yeah. >> now you're going to make your custard. your filling. so for every half cup of whole milk you're going to add an egg.
9:23 am
you have your eggs. you'll whisk that. put in a little nutmeg. natalie and i love and you as well love the smoked paprika. >> it's great. >> so you whisk this together and you're going to -- >> you could use any leftover vegetables. >> exactly. >> or any meat if you wanted to. >> i feel like i'm getting something healthy with the green in there. >> but there's the cheese and whole milk and egg but that's okay. >> it's great if you had too much to drink, right? it soaks it all up. >> it really does. >> like right now. >> keep telling yourself that. >> we're telling ourselves that it's healthy and green and soaks up the alcohol. >> and out of the oven -- it wasn't quite in here. but it was pretty close. >> our kitchen staff was
9:24 am
>> happy new year. >> in the oven. we mean on the side of the oven. >> in the vicinity of the oven. in the neighborhood. >> i apologize if you are nursing a hang over this last thing you want to do is hear this. nice little drink to make up. >> it's delicious. >> you can just do it with club soda or you can do the hair of the dog, a little champagne. and then you're going to basically take your orange juice, pour it in. a little pomegranate juice. all right? and then take your -- >> champagne. >> champagne. >> and you add some pomegranate seeds. >> and there you have it. >> new year. >> happy new year. >> happy start to the new year. >> and of course to get the
9:25 am and we'll also tell you how to get your magic oven where the food cooks outside of it. it's amazing. hey we also want to mention our food club member stand out. angela s. from jonesville michigan. she made these beautiful blueberry swirl cinnamon rolls with a lemon glaze. check out the magic oven one more time. >> is it in there? >> there's nothing in there but it will appear. >> if you made your new year's resolutions yet? >> what.
9:26 am
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9:29 am
sweet, but we've already got sweetness minus calorie-ness." it would be kinda awkward. truvia. life with less sugar is just as sweet. welcome back. this first day of 2016 and if you woke up this morning promising yourself that you'll stick to your new year's resolution this year, we're there with you. >> for many of us the new year is a time to wipe the slate
9:30 am
so we want to take a look at some of the resolutions and share ours with you. >> too much champagne. >> my resolution for 2016 is to make it through the stack of nonfiction books that i have next to my bed. >> last year i wanted to increase the time that i meditated meditate each day and i for the most part stuck to it. i'm going to give myself a c plus. >> i promise you it's going to happen. >> my goal is to be more patient and present parent. >> to be less judgmental. >> as hard as i try to be 100% present with my kids, like all parents we're pulled in so many different directions. >> i think in this era of hashtag and twitter and facebook there's a rush to judgment. >> this year i want to start
9:31 am
72,456 unread e-mails. i have to do better. >> the top new year's resolutions for 2015. lose weight. >> lose weight. i understand that. that's very relatable. >> getting organized. yeah that's one i try every year. >> that's me where i stand. >> still hasn't really worked. >> spend less, save more. >> that is one of mine this year as well. i won't be sticking with it. there's too many january sales. >> enjoy life to the fullest. not bad. >> i subscribe to that 100%. >> stay fit and healthy. we hear that one every year. >> learn something exciting. like being shot out of a cannon. wrestling with sharks. yeah. >> help others in their dream. i love that one. >> i like that. >> help others in their dreams. >> fall in love. >> how do you make a new year's resolution to fall in love? >> well, i'm already in love. >> spend more time with family. yes.
9:32 am
be higher up. put i guess it depends on your family. >> how much longer do we have? >> let's move on. coming up next if your resolution is to have more fun. andy grammer himself right after this. i did it.... i did it too... they took nature's bounty hair, skin and nails, it's a vitamin supplement that
9:33 am
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9:36 am
>> the citi concert series on today is proudly presented to you by citi. >> he was one of our favorite performers of the last year so we thought we'd bring him back to kick off 2016 on the right note. here's andy grammer singing back home. i'm going to need you to raise your glass, i don't care what you put in it here's to the nights that you can't take back we live hard but we love to laugh we all thought that we'd get rich fast hop the plane out for greener
9:37 am
don't compare to the friends that last see we won't forget where we came from the city won't change us we beat the same drum no we won't forget where we came from the city can't change us we beat the same drum, the same drum la-da-it don't matter where we go we always find our way back home. it don't matter where we go we always find our way back home so here toes to cheep sunglasses and minivans people that had your back when the world didn't understand see we won't forget where we came from the city won't change
9:38 am
we beat to the same drum we won't forget where we came from the city can't change it we beat to the same drum the same drum it don't matter where we go, we always find our way back home it don't matter where we go, we always find our way back home when ties loosen we're losing touch and fading away we'll still be raising our cups to the same things
9:39 am
oh, no, the city won't change us, it won't change us. oh, no, the city won't change us oh no the city won't change us and no matter where we go we always find our way back home and no matter where we go, we always find our way back home and no matter where we go we always find our way back home we always find our way back home yeah we always find our way back home >> andy grammer helping us ring in the new year. andy thanks so much. we're back in a moment.
9:40 am
because you can never have too much champagne. >> yes you can. >> another toast. >> one more. >> another toast. we want to wish all of you at home a happy, a healthy, a prosperous new year. >> happy 2016 everyone. enjoy your holiday. >> thank you for watching this year. we'll see you back here on monday.
9:41 am
good morning. 9:57. church.
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despite the hard work of dozens of firefighters from three different communities. this historic building dating back to 1827. the members who use this facility are devastated. luckily, nobody was hurt. the cause is under investigation. checking your weather now. your new year's day forecast, partly sunny, breezy, cool, high, 43. don't, mostly clear. 31 low. coming up on the "today" show with kathie lee and hoda, get the new year's started off right with fitness tips to get you in shape by summer. we'll have another local update for you in 30 minutes.
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